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    LIVE SENSUALLY is a program hosted by Lindiwe Rasekola who is a sexual wellness coach. The meaning of sensual is relating to or consisting in the gratification of the senses or the indulgence of appetite. Lindiwe unpacks various topics related to pleasure and provides some tips to enhance sexual experiences.

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  • Bodied with Simhle

    Health And Wellness Watch Now

    Simhle Belinda Plaatjies is a ball of energy. A professional hockey player and coach, fitness activist, TV personality, actress, fine artist model and social influencer.The multi-talented 25 year old is steadily carving her spot as South Africas next best sport and media personality. Bodied with Simhle is a home fitness show where you get tutorials on fitness in the comfort of your own home

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  • Fit With Yoga

    Health And Wellness Watch Now

    Yogasana is a form of posture exercise whose roots lie in the ancient Indian yoga practices. These series showcase some of well known asanas & poses for healthy , balanced living.

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