• Shaik Omar - Culture Shock EPK

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    Building on his experience as a music producer in South Africa, SHAIK OMAR (real name Pule Mokoa) is pursuing his craft amongst the greatest artists in his field. Shaik Omars songs are not only beloved by the general public but also critically acclaimed by authoritative experts within the industry. His sound can be best described as a bridge between various genres within the immensely popular electronic dance music scene.


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    LIVE SENSUALLY is a program hosted by Lindiwe Rasekola who is a sexual wellness coach. The meaning of sensual is relating to or consisting in the gratification of the senses or the indulgence of appetite. Lindiwe unpacks various topics related to pleasure and provides some tips to enhance sexual experiences.

    Health And Wellness  

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    Exclusive, intriguing and educational conversations with the trendiest Ugandan artists on the scene. Viva talks Uganda present various episode where we get a peek into the life of various artist who share details of their music career and experiences of their journey, as an artist in Uganda.

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  • Cnversations with Illy Amin

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    Illy Amin The Last King of Skhot'land is a hip pop rapper/emcee from South Africa. Illy Amin has participated in internation emcee battles ad was the first South African to participate on the KOTD and win his battle. In this interview we learn more about his career, his released projects, collaborations and upcoming releases to watch out for.

  • Conversations with Eugene Baloyi

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    Eugene Baloyi  is a professional dancer, choreography and the co-founder of Kryptonite Dance Academy. Our team talks to Eugene about his career, in this interview. Discover the journey Eugene has had since he started dancing, to the creation of the academy and his favorite performances.

  • real People

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    Real people is a show that interviews ordinary citizens living extraordinary lives. We interview people who mirror society in many forms and who have a story to tell.


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    Extreme Sports Action is an action sports studio show that informs you on the latest news, events, entrepreneurs, interviews of athletes, their lifestyle and careers. The show has been formulated to appeal to a broad market, and not only limited to adrenalin enthusiast hosted by Greg Moloney.

  • Conversations with Sbahle

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    Meet Sibahle Cele Chiliza, mostly known as Sbahle, who is an upcoming artist from South Africa. Sbahle shares how she started her music career and how her family supported her. Get to know where Sbahle's inspiration comes from, who she wishes to collaborate with internationally, upcoming projects and much more.

  • Conversations with Nicky B & Hilda Tloubatla

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    Hilda Semola Tloubatla is a South African mbaqanga singer, and the lead singer of the acclaimed group the Mahotella Queens. Viva. Nation celebrates her 80th birthday and brings this exclusive interview where Nicky B interviews Mum Hilda. In this episode we learn how Mum Hilda started her music career, how she was brought up,  the formation of the Mahotella Queens group, international and local awards and shared various stories of her extraordinary music journey.


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    Pulse Of The City is an infotainment talk show were we speak to influences, musicians and entrepreneurs about their career, growth and their innovative process.

  • Conversations with Zulo

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    On this episode, our team speaks to rapper and music producer ZULO, formally Lil Trix, regarding his latest projects and music journey. Born and raised in the south of Johannesburg, ZULO developed skills in areas he lacked as an artist, including production, design, and directing and editing his own music videos.


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    VIVANATION Radio is a 24/7 digital online radio streaming service, developed to bring authentic African music and conversations to the global audience. VIVANATION Radio interviews' artist, creators and various industry partners throughout our staple of weekly shows. VIVANATION Radio is an extension of VIVANATION TV, which was born out of a desire to provide African content to a global audience. All interviews are curated for our viewers to enjoy the conversations we are having on VIVANATION Radio.

  • Conversations with Dj Lupz

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    LUBZ is a South African Electronic Music Producer and DJ who specialises in Producing House Music and Hip Hop, amongst several other genres. In this episode to get to know how DJ LUBZ music career got started, his producing process, who he would like to work with in the industry and the upcoming projects he is preparing.

  • Conversations with ZAZA

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    Zaza Mokhethi is a recognizable name in the South African gospel industry. She started singing at the age of 3 and by 19 was already doing backing vocals for renowned gospel artists such as Rebecca Malope, Vicky Vilikazi, Solly Mahlangu and Keke. Zaza has been part of some of South Africa's biggest Gospel projects such as Joyous Celebration 12, Spirit of Praise 4 and 5 and Woman in Praise. Zaza joins the Viva talks team to talk about her new project and music career.

  • Conversations with Ashler

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    Ashler born Mathulare Ashler Mathikge is a singer and songwriter from Soweto. Sprouting from a tight knot musical family, she started recording from the age of 15. In 2011, Ashler made her first mark by co-writing for German/Turkish artist Embru Musiq's debut single "Do Me" with Atlanta based producers under SoSODef, Grammy nominated Tim Bosky "Bosbillions", Konvict Muzik, Jazzy Pha and Wizkid. In 20215, Ashler released a single called" Crazy world ", produced by South African producer Quency. Watch this episode to get to know Ashler's music career, preferences, songwriting styles and the new project she has released.

  • Hangouts

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    Hangouts brings you exclusive, intimate & emotion filled interviews with celebrities & musicians. Our host Siphesihle focuses on discussions about what the guest has been up to, and what the future holds. He asks thought provoking questions to bring you more industry news & insights, uncovering their thoughts, ideas & perspectives in various topics.

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