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  • Conversations with Mthandazo Gatya

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    Mthandazo Gatya is a Gauteng-born South African singer, performer, and songwriter. He is best known for his dance track Senzeni. The Viva Team met up with him to understand how the collaboration with John Legend came about.

  • Conversations with Spanga

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    Exclusive interview with Sbanga who is an amapiano artist from Soweto, South Africa. He is the heat maker of amapiano tracks Khushukhushu & Hire. Our Viva team got a chance to get to know him, his artist journey, how he makes his music and more.

  • Shaik Omar - Culture Shock EPK

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    Building on his experience as a music producer in South Africa, SHAIK OMAR (real name Pule Mokoa) is pursuing his craft amongst the greatest artists in his field. Shaik Omars songs are not only beloved by the general public but also critically acclaimed by authoritative experts within the industry. His sound can be best described as a bridge between various genres within the immensely popular electronic dance music scene.


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    Exclusive, intriguing and educational conversations with the trendiest Ugandan artists on the scene. Viva talks Uganda present various episode where we get a peek into the life of various artist who share details of their music career and experiences of their journey, as an artist in Uganda.

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  • Conversations with Lwazzy

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    We meet with upcoming artist Lwazzy from Durban, South Africa, mostly known for the track "Tiri Tiri" which was released in 2017. She joins the Viva team to tell us how she started her music career, how she composes her music and sharers some advice to her fans. Her latest release is "I got it" and is available on all digital platforms and on Viva Nation TV.

  • Conversations with Cool Prince

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    Emmanuel Tsietsi Mahlangeni also known as ‘Cool Prince’, is a rapper/singer & producer from Newlands East, Durban, South Africa. Our Viva Team caught up to him to talk about his music career, how he creates his music, and the upcoming up after his recent release "Moon Boy 2".

  • Conversations with Dj Smokes

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    DJ Smokes is a South African DJ, Producer and Songwriter. He joins the Viva Team to talks about this released projects and Music career. DJ smokes passion for music has been development from a young age. Learn the complexity DJ smokes goes through in his creative process and more.

  • Conversations with Wave Ryder

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    Thato Molupe AKA Wave Rhyder  was born in Morija, a town in western Lesotho.  Wave Rhyder is the stage name he got from his uncle, which means he is on top of things, and he is riding the sound waves. Molupe is a songwriter, singer and producer who recognized his love for music at an early age, inspired by his parents, who are both Gospel musicians. Initially he wanted to be a pastor because growing up in a Christian family meant he had to spend most of his time in church, therefore watching his pastor give sermons fascinated him, but that changed as he grew older. Today he talks to Viva Team and shares details of his music career.

  • Conversations with Haksul Muziq

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    Tokoloho Mavuso, better known as Haksul Muziq was born and bred in Ekurhuleni, in the east of Johannesburg. He has been in the music industry since he was seven and became a DJ at 16 years old. Haksul Muziq has worked with some of the biggest musicians in South Africa including Kamo Mphela, MFR Souls, Big Zulu and amapiano stars De Mthuda and Semi Tee.

  • Cnversations with Illy Amin

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    Illy Amin The Last King of Skhot'land is a hip pop rapper/emcee from South Africa. Illy Amin has participated in internation emcee battles ad was the first South African to participate on the KOTD and win his battle. In this interview we learn more about his career, his released projects, collaborations and upcoming releases to watch out for.

  • Conversations with Stilo Magolide

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    Johannesburg born musician Michael Chirwa also known as Stilo Magolide aka 2190/choc talks to our team about his music career, creative process, how he got into music, the latest project and more. Get to know who Stilo Magolide would like to collaborate with and the best advice's he has been given in the music industry.

  • Conversations with Eugene Baloyi

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    Eugene Baloyi  is a professional dancer, choreography and the co-founder of Kryptonite Dance Academy. Our team talks to Eugene about his career, in this interview. Discover the journey Eugene has had since he started dancing, to the creation of the academy and his favorite performances.

  • Conversations with Arrie Cakes

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    Meet upcoming artist Arrie Cakes, originally from the Cape flats in Cape, and now living in Johannesburg - South Africa. Our team catches up with Arrie Cake to talk about her music career, the latest releases, her trending TikTok challenge and more.

  • Conversations with Sbahle

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    Meet Sibahle Cele Chiliza, mostly known as Sbahle, who is an upcoming artist from South Africa. Sbahle shares how she started her music career and how her family supported her. Get to know where Sbahle's inspiration comes from, who she wishes to collaborate with internationally, upcoming projects and much more.

  • Conversations with Sibu Nzuza

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    Sibu Nzuza is a musician, photographer and part-time blogger. Born and raised in Esikhawini, Richards Bay, South Africa. In this interview, Viva Team gets to know his creative process, how he got into music, his experiences and his upcoming album. 

  • Conversations with Malome Vector

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    Bokang Moleli, mostly known as Malome Vector, is a singer, songwriter and record producer from Lesotho. This episode we learn  about his music career, how he produces his music, interests, collaborations and upcoming projects. We caught up with Malome Vector on our Viva Talks exclusive interviews. The Superstar in the making has a story to tell, and we are happy to bring it to you.

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