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  • Conversations with Nicky B & Hilda Tloubatla

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    Hilda Semola Tloubatla is a South African mbaqanga singer, and the lead singer of the acclaimed group the Mahotella Queens. Viva. Nation celebrates her 80th birthday and brings this exclusive interview where Nicky B interviews Mum Hilda. In this episode we learn how Mum Hilda started her music career, how she was brought up,  the formation of the Mahotella Queens group, international and local awards and shared various stories of her extraordinary music journey.

  • Conversations with Delta The Leo

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    Delta Choshi better known as Delta The Leo is a female young rapper also known as a talented champion dancer and physical trainer who has her sights set on international success and global influencer entrepreneur. One would describe her music as a fusion of all the musical influences in her life, including Kwaito, Reggae/dance hall, RnB and Hip Hop. In this episode, discover the meaning behind the upcoming remixed track Physically fit, Delta's work ethics, favourite artists, creative process and much more.

  • Conversations with DarkerRSA

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    Sibusiso Given Ndimande, better known by stage name DarkerRSA, is a South African born Singer-songwriter, producer and a Dj. In this episode we discussed his music career, who he wishes to collaborate with and the upcoming projects.

  • Conversations with Dj Lupz

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    LUBZ is a South African Electronic Music Producer and DJ who specialises in Producing House Music and Hip Hop, amongst several other genres. In this episode to get to know how DJ LUBZ music career got started, his producing process, who he would like to work with in the industry and the upcoming projects he is preparing.

  • Conversations with ZAZA

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    Zaza Mokhethi is a recognizable name in the South African gospel industry. She started singing at the age of 3 and by 19 was already doing backing vocals for renowned gospel artists such as Rebecca Malope, Vicky Vilikazi, Solly Mahlangu and Keke. Zaza has been part of some of South Africa's biggest Gospel projects such as Joyous Celebration 12, Spirit of Praise 4 and 5 and Woman in Praise. Zaza joins the Viva talks team to talk about her new project and music career.

  • Conversations with Kraizie

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    The Viva Nation Team spends some time with singer-songwriter Kraizie. Separate from music, Kraizie is also a traditional healer, and has found a way to merge the spiritual practices with his music. The multi-talented artist also has an acting background and talks to us about his new music project.

  • Conversations with Ashler

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    Ashler born Mathulare Ashler Mathikge is a singer and songwriter from Soweto. Sprouting from a tight knot musical family, she started recording from the age of 15. In 2011, Ashler made her first mark by co-writing for German/Turkish artist Embru Musiq's debut single "Do Me" with Atlanta based producers under SoSODef, Grammy nominated Tim Bosky "Bosbillions", Konvict Muzik, Jazzy Pha and Wizkid. In 20215, Ashler released a single called" Crazy world ", produced by South African producer Quency. Watch this episode to get to know Ashler's music career, preferences, songwriting styles and the new project she has released.

  • Conversations with Moonchild Sanelly

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    Moonchild Sanelly is a South African dancer and musician. The much-loved artist has gained popularity for her exceptional dancing moves, music lyrics, attitude, dressing styles, etc. In this episode, our team talks to Moonchild about her new track "Covivi", her working process, global collaborations, world tours and more.

  • Conversations with Suxman

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    Success Mchunu A.k.A Suxman is an upcoming artist born in Soweto. He started as an actor and soon gravitated to music, he established a record label called ''suxman music records'' and debut with the single ''ndimfumene''.

  • Conversations with Omar Gooding

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    Gooding is best known for appearing in television shows, such as Touched by an Angel, Wild & Crazy Kids, Hangin' with Mr. Cooper, Smart Guy, and Playmakers, and also the films Ghost Dad and Baby Boy for which he received critical praise for his role as "Sweetpea". Today our team interview him on his career and new Movie AM Radio.

  • Conversations with ScoobyNero

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    Scooby Nero, born Chukwuma Onwubuariri is a South Africa based Nigerian singer, songwriter, rapper and a dance artist. Our team gets to know the man behind the music, his writing process and work ethics.

  • Conversations with Da Publicist

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    Simthandile Vinoliah Mlahwa, best known as Da Publicist, is a multi-talented singer, born and bred in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our team catches up with the new upcoming artist Da Publicist to talk about her latest work and get to know her a little more.

  • The Mahotella Queens and Bathu collaboration.

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    Exclusive hand-over from South African shoe brand Bathu, following the collaboration with The Mahotella Queens for the release of the track iNkunz' iSematholeni.

  • Conversations with Sofaya

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    Sofaya is a self-made, Afro- Pop singer-songwriter and performing artist. In this episode we get insight on how Sofaya started her music career, how she got signed to a major record label, her sources of inspiration, who influenced her and who she would like to work with in her upcoming projects. After 10 years in the industry, she is working on her upcoming album, which will be a journey to discover Sofaya.

  • Conversations with Nu Edison

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    Nu Edison is a 27-year-old rapper and songwriter based in Johannesburg, South Africa. His musical influences include Jazz, R&B, Hip Hop, & Afro Pop. He draws inspiration from the likes of J.Cole, SABA, AKA, Kendrick Lamar, Khuli Chana, Mick Jenkins, Childish Gambino and more. His style of music can be described as honest, floetic and playful, which includes a blend of African soul and contemporary hip-hop and urban music. His message is to spread light through his music and to inspire people to embrace pain. He is passionate about story telling, the art of communication as well as relationships. He works with the likes of Tsukudu and Kamen. Furthermore, he aims to further expand his fan base to global heights, to perform his music all over the world, and to make a difference in people's lives through his artistic ideas.

  • Conversations with S Villa

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    S.Villa is an Ambitiouz Entertainment artist and joins the Vivanation team to talk about his music journey. Here S.Villa introduces us to how he entered the music industry. His skills, idols, dreams and music inspirations are also highlighted in this episode.

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