Health And Wellness Watch Now

    Sexology is a podcast created to enlighten us about sexual behaviours, interests and functions to help improve our sex lives. In this episode, clinical sexologist, psychotherapist and researcher, Catriona Boffard is joined by intimacy relationship coach, Tracy Ziman Jacobs and medical doctor, Dr. Megan Martin in teaching us how to expand our sexual awareness.

    Health And Wellness  

    Crime Watch Now

    We take a look at the dark side of humanity! The craziest crime stories you have heard of.


    Lifestyle Watch Now

    A lifestyle series following the lives of Mr A-Lister Craig Jacobs and Emmanuel Tjiya also known as the King of culture, navigating through their work life as Joburg’s most influential and stylish duo. Hope Mbhele and Musa Keys are the cover stars of this issue. Plus, Craig has a big decision to make between his heart and his mind.


    Documentary Watch Now

    No Borders is a journey of discovery and exploration, an 8-part television series creating a dialogue between the realities of a favela in Brazil and a township in South Africa. It is tempting, in the realities shared by these two developing nations, to judge both townships and favelas for their hard past and tales of poverty and crime. However, there is much more to townships and favelas than meets the eye. They are a vibrant part of the cities in which they exist, each leaving an indelible mark in the cultural landscape of their regions. Phillip Malepa and Sidney Tartaruga leave behind the familiarity of their respective homes to discover how others in similar spaces live across the seas. Phillip makes his journey to Rio de Janeiro, and later Sydney travels to meet Phillip in Soweto. In Rio Phillip lives in a favela and delves into the culture- carnival and samba queens; food; nightlife; family bonds, beach lifestyle; sports; ceremonies and celebrations; African slave heritage; as well as exploring the tense relationship between drug lords and law enforcement agencies. In Soweto Sydney immerses himself in township life and also seeks to understand the dynamics of post-apartheid South Africa. No Borders is truly a journey of discovery for Phillip and Sidney as they share experiences, compare notes and identify the many neglected cultural dialogues that connect these two powerhouses of the global south.


    General Watch Now

    Moments in History is journey back in time that gives us the opportunity to roll back the years and relive and learn about some of the poignant moments in South African social history.


    Documentary Watch Now

    Ancient Grains - what they are and why they matter. When you open your pantry do images of the rugged mountains of South America the colorful tablelands of Africa and the fertile river valleys of the Middle East dance before your eyes? If not, you have yet to discover Amaranth,Quinoa, Spelt, Kamut and Teff, the quintet of nutritional powerhouses known as the ancient grains. There’s a lot of interest in ancient grains these days and with good reason. In this series, we tell you what they are and why they’re enjoying such a revival today.Their origins many millennia past, their loss over time and their ultimate modern revival - literally tell the story of civilization.


    Documentary Watch Now

    Big and little questions are answered about the mysteries and marvels of science, technology, inventions, systems and the rules of nature that we come into contact with every day.

  • real People Season 2

    General Watch Now

    Real people is a show that interviews ordinary citizens living extraordinary lives. We interview people who mirror society in many forms and who have a story to tell.

  • Natures Force

    Documentary Watch Now

    Severe weather, geological disasters and meteorological events often become international news headlines. We see local communities, regions, countries band together and help humanity brace and recover. These events can be seen as man versus nature. They can bring out the best and worst in people, create victims and heroes, wipe out industries, create new ones, they warn us about our lifestyles, teach us about the planet and give us perspective.


    Meet The Artist Watch Now

    Artists discussing their musical journey and work with Ayanda Charlie and giving us a unplugged performance.

    Meet The Artist  
  • Second Chance with Taz

    Interviews Watch Now

    Join clairvoyant Taz as she guides ex-offenders towards redemption. With her unique gift, Taz dives deep into their past, providing guidance and facilitating heartfelt conversations with loved ones and those they've harmed. A transformative journey of healing and reconciliation.

  • On The Mic

    Interviews Watch Now

    On The Mic is a musical show where we get artists to perform they latest song. We ask them questions about the creative thoughts, production, lyrics and the meaning.


    Gospel Watch Now

    This is a contest in which Indie Christian Hip Hop rappers compete or "battle" each other using biblical improvised lyrics. As Indie Christian Hip Hop Rappers battle, the goal is to "Edify Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior" using the word of God through clever lyrics and wordplay, with heavy emphasis being placed upon the rapper's improvisational ability.


    Documentary Watch Now

    The world is full of wonder. In nature, ideas, actions, design and science This series is all about the “wow” in life. It features things that seem to defy the norm, the tricks that nature plays and the ways we can trick each other.A range of stories, examples and explorations are presented to make us wonder, enlighten us and to challenge our senses.


    Drama Watch Now

    A webseries base on mental health.


    Documentary Watch Now

    This 3 part docuseries explores the psyche of South African female cop serial killer. The brave detective Sgt. Mabunda who risked his own and his family life to expose her and the hit men with a conscience who turned against Rosemary Ndlovu. The Times Live crime journalists who determinedly covered the story, and the prosecution watertight case that put Rosemary behind bars.

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