• A Dish With...

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    Feather Awards founder and LGBTIQ Activist, Thami Dish prepares a dish for an array of vibrant South African artists in exchange for their talents. A Dish With, gives our audience a once in a lifetime front row seat to their favorite artists and a unique opportunity to experience these artists like never before in the comfort of Thami Dish's home!

  • Conversations with Luciano Records: Zeelungile, Dr Gibson and TJ Da Zulu

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    Meet the members of Luciano Records: Zilungile Kubheka aka Zeelungile was born and raised in KwaZulu Natal, she has become one of the most talented vocalist with beautiful writing skills. Teboho Nehemia Khasudi aka Dr Gibson was born and raised in the Free state, he started playing music instrumentals such as guitar, piano and more. He was a member of a church band and also a music director. Thandisizwe Ndukwana aka TJ Da Zulu was born in Kutloanong and raised in Port Elizabeth. He then started theatre dancing and acting at the early age of 11 years, working with one of the best South African theatre choreographers, Xola Kulati. He also performed at big festival such as Iron Man South Africa and Grahamstown National Arts Festival.

  • KARE

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    In the primordial era, Yeyo, a little ancient boy discovers life and learns to adapt and survive through numerous rib-tickling trials.

  • Hangouts

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    Hangouts brings you exclusive, intimate & emotion filled interviews with celebrities & musicians. Our host Siphesihle focuses on discussions about what the guest has been up to, and what the future holds. He asks thought provoking questions to bring you more industry news & insights, uncovering their thoughts, ideas & perspectives in various topics.

  • Bunnies In The Burbs - East Africa Edition

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    Bunnies in the Burbs, a digital cooking show takes the popular reality cooking format but is more intimate and inspiring in that viewers will get to witness a young African millennial sharing good food and wisdom with her role models and peers.

  • Viva Wild Season Two

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    This new series covers the extraordinary journey and education of youth chasing alternative lifestyles in the deep sea diving world.Explore the extraordinary breath-taking manta ray to diving the Aliwal Shoal,and following the whales as we take you on a journey to the small town of Umkomaas on the south coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal, where we join the blue ocean dive resort team as they talk to us about the center, and take the production team on fascinating journey. Experience the exhilaration of the launch into the waves as well as an introduction to the blue ocean team. Get ready to dive in.

    Interviews, Travel  

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    Travel South Africa with Holly Rey


    Documentary Watch Now

    Inside Nollywood takes an intimate look at notable Nollywood actors/actresses. This show discusses their personal experiences and journeys with Nollywood. This  ultimately gives fans worldwide the opportunity to connect with actors and also get an answer to their never ending questions, learning about their lives outside of Nollywood and other projects they oversee. In this episode Franca Brown, shares her experiences with fans.


    Motoring Watch Now

    It's no secret that House Musician, Holly Rey loves cars almost as much as she loves music. When she was purchasing a car and looking online for car reviews she noticed that most car reviews were done by men for men and were really technical. What better way to live out all of your car fantasies than to have a car review show that focuses on the fun stuff people want to know. Driven by Holly Rey is that car review short show.


    Gospel Watch Now

    GAMiE (Olumide Okesanjo) is a Multifaceted Artiste with over a decade of experience in music, performing arts and creative writing.

  • Baking with The Reys

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    House Musician Holly Rey hits the kitchen with her kid sister Mimi Rey to create this quick and easy, kid friendly series of baked items suitable for the whole family.

  • A Ghanaian Story

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    An assessment of post Independent Ghana and how the current generation feel about the fact that the black man decided to rule the nation.The documentary seeks to question if we have done a better job after more than 60 years of self governance.

  • The Weekly Show with Khathu Season Three

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    Funny man Dj Khathu brings you a weekly show looking at events and news happening around the world with his own hilarious twist.

  • Questions with Katherine Season Three

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    A Guide To Surviving The Wild

  • Dambe Warriors Season Two

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    Dambe is a style of boxing associated with the Hausa people of West Africa, including southern Niger and southwest Chad. Starting out as more of a wrestling sport, known as "kokowa" in the Hausa language, Dambe today is a "striking sport" where one fist is used as a spear to strike an opponent and the other as a shield. Unlike the five-round maximum of the United Fighting Championship (UFC) in the US, Dambe is fought in three rounds or fewer if a knockout punch is delivered. Winners receive prizes in the form of money, cattle, presents from fans, or motorcycles and cars. On rare occasions, young women are married off to fighters as rewards.

  • With All Due Respect

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    In this interview style show charismatic host DJ Khathu, with his comedic disposition, taunts celebrities with off-the-wall interviews aimed at getting under their skin. No guest is safe.

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