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  • On The Couch with Taz Season One

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    Taz is a clairvoyant with experience of over 20 years, and is featured in multiple media's, such as Metro FM and Viva Nation TV. She covers careers, relationships, health as well as crossing over. Taz assists in helping people find answers regarding their future, as well as help people find closure with their past and loss of loved ones.

  • On The Couch with Taz Season Two

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    Taz is a clairvoyant with experience of over 20 years and is featured in multiple media's, such as Metro FM and Viva Nation TV. She covers careers, relationships, health as well as crossing over. Taz assists in helping people find answers regarding their future, as well as help people find closure with their past and loss of loved ones.


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    Sun Xa Experiment, an African alternative band from Soweto, dropped their debut album on all platforms on the 16th of October 2020. This is an interview that explores what the album is about and their background as a band that has played at numerous festivals.

  • Conversations with Lungisa Xhamela

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    Lungisa Xhamela finally releases his foretold first album. Dubbed My Heart To Your Soul, the new album arrives in much delight of the singer and songwriter, highly anticipating fans. My Heart To Your Soul consists of 10 tracks, including previously released singles, Andisoze, Love Letter and Think About It.

  • Conversations with Dimi Raphoto

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    In the past five years she played a pivotal role in moulding reality entertainment shows in Mzansi channel scoping into topical subjects like reuniting dads with their estranged children and this has inspired her to captain her own ship in a form of a production company called Sakhile Productions. The company is responsible for producing the show Material Culture and currently developing a reality TV series about traditional healers in S.A.

  • Conversations with Lungisa Xhamela

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    Andisoze and iLoveLetter have both received major radio coverage, and with the official announcement of his album release recently being greeted with excitement by fans and media alike, Lungisa has been hard at work promoting the album and hitting the road on radio promo tours. Lungisa describes his music as Afro Soul or Neo Soul and the laid back soulful crooner is popular for not only his voice, but also his fashion forward personal style, which has also seen him securing a brand ambassadorship with premium shoe brand, Mazerata.

  • Conversations with Holly Rey

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    While the world has been brought to its knees by the COVID-19 pandemic, singer & songwriter Holly Rey has stayed at the top of her game and conquered lock-down. She is officially a multi-platinum selling artist, with her single YOU recently hitting 35 million streams across all digital music platforms. This is a massive achievement for any artist, and Holly Rey achieved this as an independent female artist.

  • Conversations with Nu Edison

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    Nu Edison is a 27-year-old rapper and songwriter based in Johannesburg, South Africa. His musical influences include Jazz, R&B, Hip Hop, & Afro Pop. He draws inspiration from the likes of J.Cole, SABA, AKA, Kendrick Lamar, Khuli Chana, Mick Jenkins, Childish Gambino and more. His style of music can be described as honest, floetic and playful, which includes a blend of African soul and contemporary hip-hop and urban music. His message is to spread light through his music and to inspire people to embrace pain. He is passionate about story telling, the art of communication as well as relationships. He works with the likes of Tsukudu and Kamen.  He aims to further expand his fan base to global heights, to perform his music all over the world, and to make a difference in people's lives through his artistic ideas.

  • Conversations with MAWAT

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    MAWAT is a multi-award winning rapper, musician, producer and TV presenter who records Hip-Hop music. Famous for his 2018 hit single Mollo, MAWAT hails from the coastal city of Durban in South Africa. A marvel on stage, MAWAT's yellow attire, highly energized performances and unique dance routines have made him a household name in stages across the continent. He joins the Viva nation team for a catch-up and gives details on his upcoming project.

  • Conversations with Luciano Records: Zeelungile, Dr Gibson and TJ Da Zulu

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    Meet the members of Luciano Records: Zilungile Kubheka aka Zeelungile was born and raised in KwaZulu Natal, she has become one of the most talented vocalist with beautiful writing skills. Teboho Nehemia Khasudi aka Dr Gibson was born and raised in the Free state, he started playing music instrumentals such as guitar, piano and more. He was a member of a church band and also a music director. Thandisizwe Ndukwana aka TJ Da Zulu was born in Kutloanong and raised in Port Elizabeth. He then started theatre dancing and acting at the early age of 11 years, working with one of the best South African theatre choreographers, Xola Kulati. He also performed at big festival such as Iron Man South Africa and Grahamstown National Arts Festival.


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    Run George is the story of a young man named George who is in dire straits and is about to reach a boiling point in his life. We meet him on a day on which he is in desperate need of a lot of money in order to pay his rent and continue to lead his ordinary life. He goes to his local bar and enters a pool competition in which he can make money by playing and winning against previous pool champions. Luckily, George happens to be the best pool player around, but unfortunately, he also happens to be an alcoholic. The irony is that the more he drinks, the better he gets. After getting paralytic, he manages to win the entire competition and acquire the money needed to pay his debts and live his best life. George wakes up the next day without any idea of whether or not he won and if he did, where the money is. His journey becomes a mission to recover the details of his night and while doing this, he finds out that his girlfriend is pregnant and there are very dangerous men looking for him. The people looking for him are the dangerous pool gangsters who he beat the previous night, and after getting a hold of his money, they chase him to retrieve it. Throughout this thrilling, perilous adventure of escape, we get a better insight into a few of the character motivations and backgrounds. After a few close calls, one of which George is betrayed by the same friend who helped him win the money, the gangsters catch George and right as they are about to kill him, he is saved by a satellite that falls from the sky that has been alluded to during the entirety of the movie.

  • Conversations with Sbu Maloya

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    Sbu Maloya is a former member of the popular South African group TKZ. On this Viva Talks we catch up with Sbu to discuss his music career as a back-up vocalist for the TKZ family. Music has always been part of Sbu Maloya's life, and he explains how it all unfolded.

  • Conversations with Mathapelo Pitse

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    Mathapelo Pitse who is the founder and chief executive officer of Jadore Damour started her luxury ecommerce shoe brand in South Africa. This episode gives an inside of the brand development and the team behind the growth of Jadore Damour.

  • Conversations with Manny Yack

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    Manny Yack is an Afropop and R&B singer who has realized his love for music at an early age of ten and has natured it to this day. We kick of with the recent single Khumbula. Here Manny introduces us to how he entered the music industry. Idols, dreams and music inspirations are also highlighted in this episode.

  • Conversations with Sibu Nzuza

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    Sibu Nzuza is a multi-year old autonomous Artist from KZN in South Africa who Specializes in Alternative music but started his career in hip hop and later transitioned into urban melodies which contains a mixture of African components. He sings, raps, composes, plays guitar and produces. In this episode, our team chills with Sibu to get an update on his upcoming project and shares details on his music journey.

  • Conversations with Miss Pru

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    Born and bred in the Vaal triangle, Prudence Sebalo aka Miss Pru has always had a love for the performing arts. Our team catches up with her and get insights on whom she looks up to, her career highlights, current work and more.

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