Long Form Films

  • Iphutha Ngelikababani

    Adventure Comedy Drama Play Now

    A film about two young people deep down in the rural areas of Zimbabwe who got in trouble by selling a cow with the intention to elope to Johannesburg, South Africa.

    Adventure, Comedy, Drama  
  • LAMA

    Drama Play Now

    A doctor suspects that one of his patients is being abused and make sure he got to the bottom of it.

  • Did We Have Sex?

    Drama Play Now

    Did we have sex is the story of two best friends in love who are trying to figure out their relationship. This film is a heartwarming tale of two friends trying to find their way in the world.

  • And You Call Yourself A Christian

    Drama Play Now

    Based on the best selling novel, A woman's new found faith is tested when she encounters unimaginable tragedy

  • CLOCK @30

    Drama Play Now

    Clock at 30 is a story about Clement who gave birth to five lovely girls with different women whose identities were unidentified. All the girls grew up becoming independent women of their own and having a different lifestyle. Clement disowned all his daughters with the reason being he wanted them all to be married before the clock hits thirty and well to do with careers Story unfolds when Clement was about to celebrate his sixty birthday and his remarriage to Ewurabena who wants to be sole heir of Clément’s properties with the motive of killing him after their wedding. Her decision is to plot him having cardiac arrest and then she could enjoy the property with her secret lover. One more time Clement decides to have the last family reunion with his daughters before his wedding and birthday but on the condition all his daughters need to come with a husband due to this; the house help had to formulate an act/plan to get all the girls together by messaging the girls their father is dead and they all received the call, properties willed to their names with the option of coming with husbands and all plans fall in place Upon their arrival with fake, pretence hired husband, they notice all was a prank. With the formation of the house help plans. Clement thoughts his daughters where truly married He celebrates with their supposed husbands The hired husbands notices Clement had wealth and trying marring any of the daughters genuinely gives them the green card to their destiny. All plans is getting a piece of clement property.

  • The Mahotella Queens

    Documentary Play Now

    The tribute is all about music, music that filled the lives and hearts of people for more than 30 years and about two groups who propagated their music through these three decades .

  • A Brothers Unseen Tears

    Comedy Drama Play Now

    Four best friends have made it out and made something of themselves. Now as adults they have the challenges of life with marriage, commitments, baby mamma drama, playing the field, or just trying to fit in.  But when a man's tears go unseen....it can become dangerous. Hurt people..Hurts people. Men Cry Too.

    Comedy, Drama  
  • The Innocent

    Drama Play Now

    A touching story of a young lady who left her Nigeria to Botswana for greener pastures but landed in the hands of people that mistreated her and she was humiliated until death but she came back to revenge as a spirit

  • The Chosen

    Drama Play Now

    A story of a kingdom whose king died and out of jealousy and selfishness his brothers daughter started looking for a way to take away the kingdom from the rightful daughter the heir to the throne which leads to many deaths.

  • Senorita's Pain

    Drama Play Now

    A story of a young girl who got HIV positive but she never knew that she was affected by her own father when she was young, this lead to so many drama of her life.

  • Queen Of Heart

    Crime Drama Play Now

    A good chief who always wanted the best for his family and community but unfortunately for him the only two sons he had decided to take over the throne became useless but fortunately the only girl he had, learnt everything from her father, she then fell in love with the chief guard who then helped her to achieve her dreams to carry forward her father's kingdom amidst the royal family feud that led to her brother's death.

    Crime, Drama  
  • KHUMBULA I Will Remember

    Adventure Play Now

    Khumbula is an African Adventure about a boy named Jamie, visiting his father on a game farm in South Africa. James (Jamie's dad) works as a Game Warden at a local Ranch where they have lots of challenges with Game Poachers and trying to keep the animals safe. His friends invite him to join them on a camp for boy scouts and soon Jamie is all caught up in the excitement of friends and fun in the bushveld. Circumstances change drastically when they are accidentally left behind in the bush. They come across a fresh impala kill and bust Game Poachers who in return kidnap the boys to prevent them from calling the authorities. Jamie escapes and is alone in the bush armed with only his fathers lessons as a child to keep him alive. All that stands between them and disaster is James and his determination to find the boys and bring them back home.

  • Bursting Out

    Drama Play Now

    The story of a career woman, who has no time for romance, falling for a man.

  • The Engagement

    Drama Play Now

    A man that believed his girlfriend was dead runs into her on the streets years later, not understanding why she doesn’t recognize him.

  • Colourless

    Drama Play Now

    It is an unending battle to restore a love that was once shared between twin brothers Dave and Ralph, following an accident on their tenth birthday. The affected twin Dave is driven to make the life of his twin brother difficult.

  • Paired The Premise

    Drama Play Now

    Dakore Egbuson Akande(Ese)played the role of a wife whose aim was to love and sacrifice for her marriage. This movie tells the story of a lady(Ese) who married for the same reasons as her husband, to save each other’s world.

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