Short Form Films


    Drama Play Now

    An AI ,sent to comfort a lonely man, seems to have other plans with him.

  • Phonies

    Comedy Play Now

    A couple of people, who are actually perfect for each other, go on a blind date but aren't able to get to know each other because of their reliance on technology.

  • Goodbye

    Drama Play Now

    On the brink of a world war. A man must say goodbye to the woman that he loves, not knowing when he will return.


    Comedy Play Now

    On a seemingly ordinary day, Stella individually introduces us to her eclectic group of close friends at a funeral. Only it turns out it's her funeral and there is absolutely nothing.

  • The Mess

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    In this artistic composition, music, film, spoken word and art come together to articulate the unfiltered truths of self evaluation.

  • Time To Work

    Drama Play Now

    Time for work is a short movie showcasing how life paths can cross. The lives of the 3 characters cross in different circumstances, all in the same morning.

  • Chicano's Customs - The Move

    Meet The Entrepreneur Motoring Play Now

    Chicano personal studios Customs is moving to a new and bigger warehouse. This Episode presents what it took for the Chicanos team to move from their previous warehouse to their new showroom. Their new showroom comes with a barber, coffee shop, bigger retail space, customization studio, car wash and a lifestyle apparel shop. Tariq and his team are faced with the challenges of moving their collection of vehicles. Various factors are needed to be considered to ensure that the move is successful.

    Meet The Entrepreneur, Motoring  
  • LOOP

    Drama Play Now

    Loop is a story of a man who is stuck in purgatory and has to relive the last minutes before his successful suicide attempt.

  • ZUKILE lower case god

    Documentary Drama Play Now

    Zukile lower case god is a short film documentary on the life of a man called Zukile Funani. The film tells the story of how Zukile grew into the belief and image which he presents to the world. Multiple perspective are presented by family members and close family friends which have witness the transformation of Zukile. The documentary highlights the challenges, criticism he has received for being who he has chosen to be, and how his peers/ community perceive him and his actions.

    Documentary, Drama  
  • The Prayer

    Comedy Play Now

    A desperate man prays to his deity asking for a response.

  • How To Be A Door

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    Spoken word piece by Grace Barnes talking to all the young ladies who haven't found love yet.

  • A Toy's Story

    Drama Play Now

    A story about two toys who find love but it ends tragically as a 3rd gets involved.

  • Cloud

    Drama Play Now

    A short film about a smoker, his last blunt and a battery.

  • The Confession

    Drama Play Now

    Confessions are more than talking about what you did but they are about letting out your secrets and this can be complicated.

  • Residues Of Exclusion Experiment 0.2

    Sci-fi Play Now

    An experimental film following up on the events of the first film (Residues of Exclusion). After sending his helper to the future a white South African scientist embarks on a symbolic journey to discover what happened to his servant.

  • Synergy

    Action Play Now

    A gripping, action-packed Nigerian short film with unexpected twists that offer food for thought and leaves you wanting more....

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