Short Form Films

  • How To Be A Door

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    Spoken word piece by Grace Barnes talking to all the young ladies who haven't found love yet.

  • A Toy's Story

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    A story about two toys who find love but it ends tragically as a 3rd gets involved.

  • Cloud

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    A short film about a smoker, his last blunt and a battery.

  • The Confession

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    Confessions are more than talking about what you did but they are about letting out your secrets and this can be complicated.

  • Residues Of Exclusion Experiment 0.2

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    An experimental film following up on the events of the first film (Residues of Exclusion). After sending his helper to the future a white South African scientist embarks on a symbolic journey to discover what happened to his servant.

  • Synergy

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    A gripping, action-packed Nigerian short film with unexpected twists that offer food for thought and leaves you wanting more....

  • His Royal Madness

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    Is he really crazy or he is just a genius vigilante. This crime story, based in Nigeria, keeps you at the edge of your seat.

  • Shadow Of Justice

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    It's never too late to change the course of your life, or is it? A life of crime in Lagos...

  • Residues of Exclusion Part One

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    Residues of Exclusion is an experimental fashion anti-xenophobia short film that explores contemporary alienation and lack of acceptance of immigrants in post-apartheid South Africa. The film attempts to convey a surreal sense of what it feels like to look at the world through alien eyes. It is heavily influenced by Nicolas Roeg's "The Man who fell to Earth".

  • Dear Black Child

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    A short film of a young woman facing difficulties where color is in between.

  • The Place

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    Kristen is alone and weird things start to happen when she receives a text from an unknown number.

  • Priesthood

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    Priesthood explores religious colonization through the lens of surrealism and absurdism. The story is told in a non-linear structure.

  • Winds From The East

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    Winds From The East is a story about a black boy's journey of self discovery told through a dream sequence.

  • It Is Amazing What A Man Can Do With Words.

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    Spoken word

  • What's The Point?

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    Asking what is the point of life? What's the point of anything?

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