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    Relatives is a comedy series about distant untraceable family members arriving at the door step of Wole and Lanre with notes (messages) from some distant relative asking that they give them shelter for a particular length of time which becomes forever as the relatives do not leave. Wole and Lanre are usually alone as Jumoke, Wole's wife is usually away for business. They had set a law that none of their relatives would live with them as they will intrude and invade their privacy. Angela is the first relative to arrive at the Philip's house. She arrives with a note stating that she needs shelter, and she takes us on a comedy ride as she fights to be accepted as her intention is for her to over stay her welcome.

  • Pride And Petty

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    Pride and Petty is a comedy following the antics of a toxic broken-up couple who can’t get over each other. It consists of 12 short episodes all between 2 and 5 minutes. Influenced by the likes of Insecure, Chewing Gum and The Real Husbands of Hollywood, Pride and Petty is a web-series that blends savage humour with a building storyline that differentiates it from the traditional sitcom.

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