• Conversations with Sbu Maloya

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    Sbu Maloya is a former member of the popular South African group TKZ. On this Viva Talks we catch up with Sbu to discuss his music career as a back-up vocalist for the TKZ family. Music has always been part of Sbu Maloya's life, and he explains how it all unfolded.

  • Conversations with Kid Tini

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    Phiwe Unami Tini who is better known as Kid Tini is an up and coming young artist with a fresh take on Hip-Hop with catchy hooks and skillful lyricism. He is not new to the music industry, as he has previously worked with recognized South African hip hop artists. He hands out with Viva Nation and tells us how he fell in love with music. On this episode we get to know Kid Tini, his project and which artist inspire him.

  • Conversations with MathapeloPitse

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    Mathapelo Pitse who is the founder and chief executive officer of Jadore Damour started her luxury ecommerce shoe brand in South Africa. This episode gives an inside of the brand development and the team behind the growth of Jadore Damour.

  • Chicanos Customs - Introduction to Showroom

    Interviews Motoring Play Now

    Chicanos Customs is a hosted by Tariq, a car enthusiasm, who has his own car garage in Johannesburg, South Africa. Chicanos Customs offers Vehicle Restorations, Auto upholstery, Air Suspension and Car Sound services, to mention some services which are catered by Tariq. Chicanos Custom is a lifestyle and Autospa for Classic and super cars.

  • Conversations with Manny Yack

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    Manny Yack is an Afropop and R&B singer who has realized his love for music at an early age of ten and has natured it to this day. We kick of with the recent single Khumbula. Here Manny introduces us to how he entered the music industry. Idols, dreams and music inspirations are also highlighted in this episode.

  • Huawei Music Session: Behind the Scene

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    Huawei brings you a virtual show to all music fanatics. All Huawei phone user's will be able to watch the show on the Huawei Music App. This concert features a handful of artists to kick off the 1st of many Huawei music session. This episode focus on the behind the scenes and two exclusive interviews with Sjava and Holly Rey.

  • Don't Touch My Hair

    Tutorials Watch Now

    A show that gives insights into natural hair and the natural hair community in Johannesburg, South Africa.

    Season One 
  • Valentine's Weekend with Taz - Afrique Boutique

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    The breathtaking Afrique Boutique Hotel is beautifully appointed with truly comfortable, elegant and exquisite contemporary antique accommodation. A culinary experience like no other and a rich history all round. The perfect location for the winners and guests of the Taz Valentine's competition.


    Food Watch Now

    House Musician Holly Rey hits the kitchen with her kid sister Mimi Rey to create this quick and easy, kid friendly series of baked items suitable for the whole family.

  • Bunnies In The Burbs - East Africa Edition

    Food Watch Now

    Bunnies in the Burbs, a digital cooking show takes the popular reality cooking format but is more intimate and inspiring in that viewers will get to witness a young African millennial sharing good food and wisdom with her role models and peers.


    Interviews Watch Now

    A deep dive into the world of African cinema with movie reviews, actor and film maker interviews and what to look out for in this ever growing industry.


    Interviews Watch Now

    An exclusive and fascinating show about cars. We meet the people who make them, the creatives that customize them and fanatics who love them.

  • The Rally Guys

    Sport Play Now

    Follow South African National Rally Champions Guy Botterill and Simon Vacy-Lyle as they embark on a journey across Africa as they take on the FIA African Rally Championship.


    Gospel Watch Now

    GAMiE (Olumide Okesanjo) is a Multifaceted Artiste with over a decade of experience in music, performing arts and creative writing.

  • Jollof Road

    Documentary Watch Now

    A documentary about food, culture, language, money, the impact of technology and of course people across the ECOWAS states. 80 Days, 14 Countries, 5 People, 1 Van.

  • Baking with The Reys

    Food Watch Now

    House Musician Holly Rey hits the kitchen with her kid sister Mimi Rey to create this quick and easy, kid friendly series of baked items suitable for the whole family.

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