• Iphutha Ngelikababani

    Adventure Comedy Drama Play Now

    A film about two young people deep down in the rural areas of Zimbabwe who got in trouble by selling a cow with the intention to elope to Johannesburg, South Africa.

    Adventure, Comedy, Drama  
  • KHUMBULA I Will Remember

    Adventure Play Now

    Khumbula is an African Adventure about a boy named Jamie, visiting his father on a game farm in South Africa. James (Jamie's dad) works as a Game Warden at a local Ranch where they have lots of challenges with Game Poachers and trying to keep the animals safe. His friends invite him to join them on a camp for boy scouts and soon Jamie is all caught up in the excitement of friends and fun in the bushveld. Circumstances change drastically when they are accidentally left behind in the bush. They come across a fresh impala kill and bust Game Poachers who in return kidnap the boys to prevent them from calling the authorities. Jamie escapes and is alone in the bush armed with only his fathers lessons as a child to keep him alive. All that stands between them and disaster is James and his determination to find the boys and bring them back home.

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