• Song Maiden: Freedom Or Nothing

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    The Song Maiden's narrative touches with a pressing societal issue of our day - Child Marriage The story is about a young woman born into a remote Nigerian community named Song. She is confronted with her destiny from the moment of her birth, but she refuses to accept it and instead fights for her freedom.

  • The Mahotella Queens

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    The tribute is all about music, music that filled the lives and hearts of people for more than 30 years and about two groups who propagated their music through these three decades .

  • BEACHDAY DBN Documentary

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    An event made possible by the people, for the people. Taking you on a journey of how influential the youth can be on the entertainment scene and culture when they come together.

  • Am I Black Enough 4 You?

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    Filmmaker embarks on a quest to explore the definition of "Blackness" and to find "The Blackest Man in America" after comedian AJ Jamal is told he is not "Black Enough" to be successful in Hollywood because he doesn't use profanity in his act. Featuring Ola Alabi, Maya Azucena, Debbie Carter, Monet Cherise,Kym Craig, Blake Emory, Bud Lewis, Kevin Harewood, Sha Hendrix, Jon Laster, Jacqueline Rhinehardt, Carmen Rodgers.

    Comedy, Documentary  
  • Absent

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    Absent, directed by Justin Hunt, dives deep into the lives of those who have grown up not knowing their father. Father Richard Rohr, writes, 'the father wound is so deep and so all-pervasive in so many parts of the world that its healing could well be the most radical social reform conceivable.' Not only here in the West, but across the globe, disengaged fathers are leaving a mark that will forever reshape the future of our planet. Throughout society, a person that is angry, violent, depressed, selfish, sexually immoral, hyper-driven, or one of several other personality types, can be linked to a father wound. Nothing is more important to a young man, or a young woman, than a fathers love, respect and acceptance. And nothing is more damaging than when the question "Am I good enough?" is asked of the father by the child, and the answer is silence. Absent seeks to bring light and awareness for those who need that question answered.

  • Lucky Dube - The Man, The Music

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    Lucky Dube has achieved international success with his unique brand of Africn reggae. Here, for the first time, is an in depth, look at the man behind the music - his own story of growing up in the apartheid era of South Africa. The long and difficult path from his humble beginnings; the people and the influences that guided his life and career; and the experiences and beliefs that shape his songs, all are covered in this revealing documentary. Also included are full-length versions of the most memorable music videos of Lucky's career.

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