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    Zone Of No Defeat is designed to give a viewer mental, physical,spiritual and emotional direction to overcome obstacles and remain undefeated in life.

  • Jentezen Franklin - Five Things that Happen when You Fast

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    There is an innate yearning for the spiritual inside us. God designed us to be in relationship with Him, and there is an emptiness that can be filled with material gain or carnal companionship. When you fast, there are five things happening that draw you back into intimate relationship with God and prepare you for the greatness He called you to.

  • Dr Chris Hill - It's Already Done

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    Bishop TD Jakes speaks on letting go of all the trials you face and hand them over to Christ. The devil attacks when he sees that you are getting closer to the road of your destiny. When the seed that God has placed inside you starts to flourish, it attracts the devil. When the devil strikes, we tend to feel that we need to fix whatever is going on in our lives, and forget that for every struggle in life God has a strategy. All we have to do in those circumstances is be still, and leave it alone.

  • Robert Morris - Gods Greatest Desire

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    Worship is "love expressed," Pastor Robert declares in this transformative series. Discover what true worship looks like, how to live it in your daily walk, and why everything in your life can change for the better!

  • John Gray - He Is, I Am

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    Pastor John Gray speaks on the topic of: He is, I am. He teaches on you being conscious of your identity in Christ, by understanding who Christ is, and what He did on the cross. You need to understand that God is unlocking the seed of greatness inside of you

  • Pastor Noel Jones - Knowledge Of Gods Promises

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    This teaching, presented by Bishop Noel Jones, is a gold mine of Biblical insight and wisdom for the wounded, weary, weak and worn!

  • Jentezen Franklin - Lesson of Lucifer's Fall

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    Worship... the very thing that God created us to do can frequently be the very thing that destroys us. For some, it is the worship of money or even one's self. We worship things without even realizing it. Anything that we give our admiration to above the Lord becomes sin. The fall of Lucifer is not something we often talk about in our churches, but something that can genuinely help us understand what God detests.

  • Dr Creflo Dollar - New Covenant of Grace

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    Pastor Creflo speaks on Grace-based deliverance from pornography and sexual immorality. God's grace is sufficient to make you free indeed. Temptation is the pressure on the flesh, due to sexual thoughts occupying the mind on a continuous basis. No Matter what addiction is facing you Jesus paid the price of your freedom ahead of your sin. Sin will not have dominion over you because you are not under the law, but under Grace (Romans 6:14). Trust Jesus, because he has given you the free Gift of no condemnation.

  • Jentezen Franklin - The Lord Is My Doorkeeper

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    He opens doors and He shuts doors. The Lord is your doorkeeper. Psalms 24:7, it says, "Lift up your heads, O ye gates! And be lifted up, you everlasting doors! And the King of glory will come in." Psalms 78:23 says, "You have opened the doors of heaven unto us." The Lord is our doorkeeper.

  • Chris Hill - Woman Arise

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    You might find yourself in a seemingly impossible situation. Pastor Chris Hill reminds us that for every wilderness you go through, God has a promised land prepared for you! God's promise is true; His Word is solid; His love unfailing & His power unending! Don't walk away from God's promise to you!

  • John Gray - In Search Of A Worshipper

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    Each person comes with a unique testimony. What God has saved you from might be different from what he saved the next person from. Therefore your worship is different than that of the next person. Our worship is our thanks giving to God, yet we have become casual in our praise and worship to God. Your deliverance, your thanksgiving and your faith is locked in your praise. God is in search of a worshiper.

  • Pastor Noel Jones - Power To Stand

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    Noel Jones is an American minister and a Pentecostal bishop. He is the senior pastor of the City of Refuge Church in Gardena, California, which has about 17,000 members, and was formerly the Greater Bethany Community Church.

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